About Gabriella

I began entrepreneurship early on, starting my first business when I was 18: a delivery service. When I delivered bananas for an exorbitant amount of money to my grandparents in the country, I decided that this was not my thing. I went to law school, worked as a lawyer for several years and learned how to litigate. In addition to my day job, I built my texting agency. I find it humbling to admit that I have been doing this work for 16+ years (yep, do the math...). 

Gabriella Media offers content in the broadest sense of the word. My favorite assignments are writing in-depth articles, white papers and SEO blogs, because I like to pretend I'm a researcher. 🤓

My clients include government agencies, Hyarchis, Truvity, Venom Foundation, CoinTelegraph, Brookz, Baker Tilly, NHA & more. 

My offer

Blogs and in-depth articles
Whitepapers and e-books
Web content
Emails and newsletters
Knowledge bases and FAQs
Social media content
Interactive content
Press releases
Persuasive writing and UX
Thought leadership pieces

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"Working with Gabriella is very pleasant. Clear, straightforward communication and excellent work. Even when something is in a hurry she is there for you almost immediately."

- Ronald, Web designer

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